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Sun Defense (Combination / Oily skin)

Sun Defense (Combination / Oily skin)

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An innovative range of sun protection products against visible and invisible radiation that reach the skin: UVB and UVA rays, visible light, and infrared radiation.

PHOTON is a patented, (UV) light-sensitive technology that activates protection and repair systems to defend the skin against occasional and cumulative sun exposure.


mesoprotech® water veil light sunscreen:

Light facial sunscreen with very high photoprotection, SPF50+, for oily mixed skin.

Its fast-absorbing texture provides skin hydration and a fresh finish. Non-comedogenic.

mesoprotech® body sun spray:

SPF50+ body sunscreen in a spray format with a fresh and light texture for easy spreadability and application.

Invisible finish.

Active Ingredients

  • collagen pro-47
  • mesoprotech® complex
  • Vitamin E

How to use

Additional Info

Body photoprotection with very high photoprotection, SPF50+, in light-textured spray format with an invisible finish.

  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Water-resistant.
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