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Age element firming concentrate

Age element firming concentrate

Antiaging Firming Solutions

Concentrated serum with lifting effect. High concentration in firming active ingredients to restructure and provide elasticity to the skin.

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Intensive night cream to treat signs of ageing:

- Irregular tone and loss of luminosity - Deep wrinkles and expression lines - Loss of skin density and elasticity

Dermatologically tested formula. Backed by clinical and in vitro studies.

After 28 days, volunteers reported:

- 50%+ reduction of wrinkles¹

- 70%+ better skin texture¹

Night cream with light texture, suitable for all skin types.

The combination of pure retinol and bakuchiol maximizes the formula anti-aging benefits and promotes an optimal balance in terms of tolerance. In addition, by incorporating post-biotic complex, mesoestetic reinforces the skin's renewal capacity while respecting and strengthening the skin microbiota.

¹In vitro studies demonstrated the efficacy in terms of cell renewal, with an acceleration in the regeneration rate 9.8 times higher.

Active Ingredients

  • Bakuchiol
  • Centella asiatica
  • Retinol

How to Use

Use every other day during the first 2 weeks. Retinol can cause mild flaking and skin sensitivity. This is normal and expected. If the tolerance to the product is good, apply daily.

If not, apply less frequently. In the daytime, complement the treatment with an SPF50+ sunscreen.

Additional Info

Global anti-aging night cream. Rejuvenates, brightens and revitalizes skin.

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What is ha densimatrix?

Daily hydrating, antiaging treatment for all skin types. It helps enhance hydration and juiciness, prevent dehydration and protect against premature aging. It allows to reduce and correct blemishes caused by aging, such as wrinkles, expression lines, lack of elasticity and firmness. Particularly indicated after medical-aesthetic treatments based on injections of free or cross-linked hyaluronic acid, to strengthen and maintain the results obtained for a longer time.