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Pigment Correction Routine

Pigment Correction Routine

Melan Tranex & Melan Tranex Gel Cream Duo

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Melan tran3x is the latest-generation depigmenting program with tranexamic acid that helps correct pigmentation imperfections. It combines a concentrate with a gel cream. 


melan tran3x concentrate:

Intensive depigmenting agent that acts on excessive epidermal pigmentation by visibly reducing dark spots.

melan tran3x gel cream:

Depigmenting cream that acts gradually to give a more uniform skin tone.

Active Ingredients


Tranexamic acid
Enzymacid complex
Tyr control complex

How to use

Use daily, morning and evening.

Apply 3-4 drops of melan tran3x concentrate to clean, dry, unbroken skin and distribute evenly.

Then apply melan tran3x cream gel and massage in until fully absorbed. Do not rinse.

In the event of direct sun exposure apply a very high sun protection and limit the application of melan tran3x concentrate to night use.

Additional Info

Indicated for reducing pigmentation imperfections of any origin.

For all skin types.

Suitable after professional depigmentation treatments to boost and maintain the results and prevent repigmentation.

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